Welcome to the Rotary Club of Stirling

For more than 48 years, the Rotary Club of Stirling has served the local community and supported youth and
community groups and those in need, throughout the district and overseas.
We are proud to be a part of this incredible organisation which remains
the oldest and largest service network in the world.
Our impact on the local community, too is profound from the Sculpture for Interiors and Gardens Exhibition
in support of local sculptors, to the thousands of dollars distributed annually in the form of Community Grants
to local community groups, schools and sporting clubs to the very successful Hills Small Acreage Field Days, 
the Rotary Club of Stirling makes a difference.   
There remain only a handful of active cases today in two countries. 
We are very close to eradicating this horrible disease.
A Shelterbox contains a Disaster Relief Tent and relief supplies to provide emergency shelter
to those displaced by natural disaster or conflict.
As our community and the world deals with inflation, the effects of climate change, disease,
disasters and conflict the Rotary Club of Stirling will continue to support the local community
and to play our part in international efforts to eradicate the scourge of Polio
and to offer aid and comfort to those most at risk.  
For an update on club activities, download our recent Newsletters listed on the left below and
check out a summary of our youth and international projects and programs in the menu above.
And of course, if you would like to learn more or are considering becoming a member,
why not join us as our guest at one of our regular Monday night meetings, 
Simply contact Michellle on info@stirlingrotary.org.au
DRAWN: Monday 7 November 2022
All winners have been notified
Farm Trailer Raffle
1,000 litre egriTech Fire trailer
Winner: Ticket 0029
Hills Field Day Raffle
1st: ATV Fire Trailer                      Ticket 0737
2nd: Accommodation/meal pkg Ticket 0234
3rd: Petaluma Double Magnum Ticket 0190
4th: ½ Doz premium wines         Ticket 0822
5th: 5cu.m. Garden mulch          Ticket 0271
6th: Case (24 cans) beer              Ticket 0679
Thank you to all sponsors

The Hills Small Acreage Field Days

This event had been designed to bring together, in one location, the products and services with
broad appeal to residents of towns and villages in the district and in particular
the more than 6,000 families who live on small acreage. The Hills Small Acreage Field Days 
provided information on the latest equipment, the services that are available and products
to help residents enjoy the unique Hills peri-urban lifestyle
By all accounts the 2022 Hills Small Acreage Field Days was a very successful Community Event. 
Watch this space for information about the 2024 event which promises to be bigger and better than ever!