Latest Operations Update
Shelterbox Operations Update
1st March 2019
Republic of Congo
16,000 asylum seeks are coming across the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Republic of Congo. There are tensions on the ground and we have a team in-country looking at the logistics and partners, and seeing who we can work with to get aid where it needs to be and whether our aid is appropriate. 
1,500 households have been helped with our partnership in Ethiopia with shelter and non-food items.  Tensions continue so we can't get our teams into the distribution sites so we are working closely with our partner, IOM.  We are sending a team in the near future but currently all our aid items have been distributed but we want to expand our support and move more aid into the country. 
The situation in Ethiopia is very tense and  we need to continually make sure that we can keep our aid secure and make sure it goes to the right people.  The most vulnerable people is where we target our aid.
We’re looking to our next project in Somaliland to support families experiencing the ongoing drought.  Over 3,500 households have been sheltered over the 2-3 years we have been there but we want to do more as the drought hasn’t yet broken. It’s a cattle-based society so it’s incredibly important to keep the cattle alive. 
47 households have been distributed but recently the tensions from the elections have slowed and so too have our distributions but we are monitoring the situation closely. 
75 tents have gone out to households in the north that have fled due to Boko Haram violence. 
We are looking to our next project in Niger and what ways we can help people displaced by conflict. 
A further 148 non-food item packages have been distributed in the last week.  
2,183 households have been provided shelter.  We’ve been in the Philippines since late December when Tropical Depression Usman ripped through the northern region of the country. We’ve had 4 teams in the Philippines over this time to carry out our distributions, undertake assessments, and complete our post-distribution monitoring.  
Our post-distribution team has gone to different villages, conducted focus groups and surveys to find out what communities and local people thought of our aid –what they liked, what they didn’t like, what was useful, how they were using things, and how we could do things differently in the future. This information is collated and used for future responses across the world.
Cameroon - we are monitoring further tensions in the south west and north west, and looking to see how we can get things in logistically and ethically
Malawi - we are monitoring the flooding
 Live Operations Update
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Kieryn Deutrom
Volunteer Program Manager
ShelterBox Australia

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