Contact: John Norris
Stirling Hotel

Chris Sedunary of the CFS State Opertions Centre, will explain the Fire Danger Index, alerts and warnings, how a buildig burns and fire preparation. 

His talk will help us understand the fire danger index, alerts and warnings, how a building burns, and the phases of a fire and the preparation needed. 

We will also be asked to help Assoc. Prof. Delene Weber, Environmental Sciences, UniSA with a research project. She has been working with the CFS for a couple of years, looking at the use of virtual reality (VR) as a tool to help prepare people for fire.  As part of her research, she will administer a couple of short surveys to compare our learning and commitment to action with those who experienced the VR version.

They know delivery from an experienced CFS Officer and delivery through VR are both effective but need to benchmark the outcomes of both before using VR to scale up delivery more widely.

The content of the talk by an informed CFS Officer and the survey questions are identical to that of the virtual reality version so the results can be compared.