Contact: John Norris
Stirling Hotel

Dick Wilson will introduce David Egan on "Rotary Going Forwards".

For the past couple of years, David has been involved with a group of dedicated Rotarians committed to moving Rotary forward.

We have come to a fork in the Rotary Road!

Do we take the road that gives us more of the same, or do we take the other path that will herald a new way of looking at Rotary?
David will tell you all about this new direction.Perhaps it will aim to be:

 *   Less top heavy administration
 *   Be less USA-centric
 *   Clusters rather than the existing District set-up
 *   Be more 'project' oriented

The group have already submitted a 'pilot' project to the board of RI hoping to road-test some of their quite radical ideas.

Come and hear all about it. Bring your own thoughts and dreams!