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Once again a week has just flown by and it is time for me to sit and write a few words.
So much has happened and it is great to see the spirit of cooperation really working in our club.
I have just spent a couple of hours looking through the paperwork for our next board meeting on Monday night.   Your Directors and Board Members are spending a lot of time in moving things forward in our club.   And from what I am seeing many of you are putting up your hands to participate and assist in various areas. Awesome work!!
There was a very heartening roll up to our committee meetings. The more who attend and have their say the better our club will work.  The club belongs to every one of us, new and old.  Make sure you help our newest members to learn the ropes.  They are (all three) very willing to be part of everything.  We will get out to you very soon the spreadsheets of committee members and also the roles you have agreed to take on.  Already we are updating as our new members are added in.
I can’t say too strongly what a great night we had at Heathfield High School Piltarilla catering school last Monday.  There were 40 of us there and what a great vibe. Everyone seemed to be having fun.
The students did a wonderful job with food and service and we filled in a small survey at the end as part of their assessment.  We handed over the money for the dinners and an extra $500 to assist them in Piltarilla.  Principal Roy Page spoke about progress in the school and teacher Lucy Arnold also said a few words.
Each of the students introduced themselves and told us of their future aspirations beyond Heathfield High School.  They have some wonderful futures ahead for them.
Robert Hill will be saying more when he gives his Welfare report on Monday night but please hold Tim Boon as well as Jill Edmonds in your thoughts as they each undergo programmes of radio or chemotherapy and related treatments and we all wish them well and better health to follow.
On Monday evening be prepared to be informed and amused by our very own Neil Wickens as he enlightens us on the subject of Double Dutch!!  He will give us an entertaining and challenging talk on the ability of the human mind to make sense of the unknown.  I can’t wait. 
See you all there.
Yours in Rotary
Susanne Marie

And a good time was had by all!

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