Last Monday Night's Meeting

Members met in in committee last week and all reported the time was spent very productively.

Monday's Meeting 

Unfortunately, current COVID restrictions limit the number of guests to private premises so the annual bonfire at Dick and Liz Wilson's cannot go ahead as planned.  We will, therefore, meet for a Social Night at the Stirling Hotel.

Bunnings BBQ

The team at Bunnings on Friday was not overstretched but did a great job at community engagement and cementing customer satisfaction.
A hearty "Well done!" to David, Malcolm, Alan, Greg, Grant, Dan, Colin, John O and especially to our indefatigable leader, John Norris, who put in a full day! 
Although Bunnings was a hive of activity on Friday, the BBQ had to be relocated to the other side of the car park because the facing wall of the building was being painted.  Sales were down considerably because the stand was not immediately in front of departing customers and the delicious smells emanating from freshly cooked snags were absent.
Nevertheless we raised $450 and a promise from Bunnings that, in addition to the December 3rd date, we would be offered an additional, potentially more lucrative, date in the busy lead up to Christmas and the holiday season!
Thanks also to our financial wizard, Pauline, who had to conduct a forensic examination of the books and report to Bunnings at the end of the day.

The Callington Show 

The sun shone and the crowds returned to the Callington Show last weekend.  The Vietnamese Banh Mi rolls proved to be exceptionally popular and our catering van sold out by 1:00pm!  
It takes quite a team to pull off such a successful event.  Credit for preparation and cooking goes to Pauline, Michele Hogan and Dick and Liz.
Grant and David were responsible for picking up and delivering the caravan and John G, Greg, Raelene, Michelle L,  Dan, Alan O'D and John O worked the counter.  Dick, Liz did double duty in service as did Pauline on cash.
Great effort all!
Meanwhile Dan and two new Shelterbox volunteers had a Sheltebox tent and the full range of disaster relief supplies on display next to the caravan.  A BIG thank you to  Grant Andrew and Malcolm Horton for helping to set up the tent in the early hours of the morning and after hauling the caravan to the Show!

Uraidla and Summertown Show

The Uraidla and Summertown Show is on this Sunday.  Invitations to caterers were rationed this year and we did not, unfortunately, make the cut.
Dan, however., managed to snag a site for a Shelterbox Display.  He has decided, though, that it is too difficult to set up a full display for one day events so has purchased a 3x3m marquee and will only lay out for display, the tent in the bag, the liner in its bag and all the other disaster relief supplies.
He will be supported by a couple of Shelterbox volunteers and extends an invitation to all to drop by and say "Hi!" if they make it to the show on Sunday.

A Modern Man!

In 50% of households apparently today, women are the primary breadwinners, which leaves men to share housekeeping duties .
REAL MEN need BIG BOY tools to get the job done properly.
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