Dr Richard Nesbit on COVID-19

On Monday night, Dr Richard Nesbit shared his informed perspective on COVID locally and world wide.  His views were particularly valuable given his former experience as the Deputy Director of WHO for the region, based in Taipei.
Among the main insights were:
  • Vaccines were the most important tool making illness less severe but still possibly allowing further transmission.
  • With the Delta strain, elimination (zero net cases) was not achievable.
  • Modeling by the Doherty Institute, upon which Australian health and political decisions are made, is credible, but, as always, forecasting is an imperfect science and all models are based on assumptions.
  • Australia has weathered the worst of the pandemic because of high levels of transparency and trust in our  institutions.
  • The efficacies of vaccines available today seems to wane and all were advised to get booster shots as soon as they become available to members (currently 6 months after the second dose)
Some lessons from Australia's experience include being prepared for the next one, economic and health concerns both need to be considered, issues of equity and care for marginalised  and more vulnerable groups need to be prioritised, our federalised system is not best suited to the necessary national response and a powerful response to overcoming mis-, and dis-, information is essential.
In the QA that followed, we learned that WHO does not have enforcement powers which stymies any mandatory action but at the moment an international treaty is being negotiated which should help opening up cooperation to deal with global health emergencies.

Monday Night's Meeting

The meeting will convene at the Village Well, 54 Strathalbyn Road, Aldgate at the usual time of 6:00pm.
We will hear from Community Grants recipients who will talk briefly about their organisations and to what they have put the grant money towards and how it has supported their work.
There are currently 23 attending.  The cost is $25 to be deposited by EFT to the Club Account (BSB: 105079, Account: 305308540)
Please note this is a BYO event.

Bunnings BBQs

Many thanks to the Bunnings crew from today - John Norris, Andrew Cass, Malcolm Horton, John Goslett, David Hogan, Greg Russell, Pauline Annear, John Osborne and Lyn Norris - a quietish day finacially but every little bit counts.

Tuesday 21 December

Bunnings has given us another opportunity to raise much needed funds.  They assure us that in the lead up to the holiday season, the Tuesday will be as good, or better, than a mid-year Sunday.

To volunteer to cover a shift, Click HERE

Giving Day - Shelterbox

Be a magician.  Double your money!
Shelterbox Giving Day is is a great opportunity to maximise the impact of your donation!
If you were considering a donation to Shelterbox this year, now would be a good time to do so.  Generous donors have pledged to match all donations received from clubs and individuals from now until next Friday, 10 December.
Haiti is still a major focus following the 14 August devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake but Shelterbox is also providing aid in Mozambique, Syria, Lake Chad region of northern Nigeria, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso.  
While we enjoy peace and love in this festive season, cast a thought to those who have nothing.
Click on the image above to donate.

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