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It is lovely to look out on a sunny morning with the sun shining and many spring flowers blooming.  Enjoy any sunny spring days as the season gradually changes. Check out the ducks in Pauline's back yard...a sure sign of spring!
On Monday evening I attended a large family gathering for my sister’s birthday with a surprise visit from some Sydney relatives as well.  I had withdrawal symptoms and missed seeing you all! 
I am told that John Norris held the fort well as acting President and I heard great reports about Dan’s presentation for Shelter Box.  Thank you, Dan and John. 
Those in attendance were treated to a comprehensive insight into Shelter Box.  It was reported to me that Dan’s presentation was really informative, well-presented and that some of his examples were very moving. Dan also had a full kit on display which he explained in great detail.
It was also a good rehearsal for Dan who will be presenting at 5 clubs in the next couple of months and no doubt many more as word spreads of his presentation skills. Well done Dan. I appreciate the fort being held so well. You are a great ambassador for Shelter Box.
Bunnings BBQ went well and we made over $600 on the day after expenses.  Thank you, JohnNorris, for coordinating that.  John is also coordinating the next one which is on Thursday 10th October.  You will hear more from John on that re volunteers.
Last night I attended a meeting of the Group three Presidents at Auchendarroch.  It was a great meeting.  One of the things noted by us all is the much greater interaction and cooperation between the seven clubs. We are attending each other’s meetings, cooperating on projects, supporting each other’s fundraisers and much more.
Some members of Blakiston and Mount Barker are coming to the American Bar and Grill on Tuesday night and the numbers are getting there.  About another half dozen would be perfect so please let Grant know asap!
Tonight, a combined group of Stirling and Mount Barker Club members are meeting at Tranquilo for dinner and going to the play Celebration at Stirling Community Theatre which has as one of its stars Penni Hamilton-Smith.   I will be getting a group together for the next play in about Feb 2020!
Remember Sculpture and Wine at Tapanappa is on until 7th October
RAWCS has a Donations in Kind (DIK) working Bee on Sat 19th October at its facility in Edinburgh.  9:30 start with a BBQ from noon. It would be good if some can attend to support one of Rotary's most dynamic and unsung programs.  Pauline may be able go.  If others can join her, please let her know after 9 October.
Sadly, I have heard that past member David Clarke and wife Belinda are closing the doors of Bakers Delight on Mon 30th September (This Monday coming) If you get a chance, maybe go in to thank them for their generosity in all the donations they have given to Rotary and to many other charities over many years.  We appreciate all they have done.
I am sure I have missed much more.  Please make sure to read your emails.  There is much good happening!
Yours in Rotary
Susanne Marie   President
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