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Malcolm Horton
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Fellow Rotarians, Family and Friends,
Thank you to all those that made the evening at The Village Well a success and attending. What a feat to raise $400,000+ for a project such as the Pinoak Tiers.
The members present at the committee night unanimously approved the By-Laws changes, thank you. A discussion on how the financial accounts operate was lively and I hope all now have a better understanding to how the club accounting is done.
The board also met after that meeting. It was highlighted by a member to have the board report to the members any decisions from the board meeting. I provide a summary of the pertinent points for the members within this newsletter.

I will endeavour to keep the members abreast of the board decisions each month.
I encourage anyone who is able to register and attend the RI Conference in Melbourne. It is going to be big and very interesting. Go to the district website for information.
I look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday at Mark’s place for the birthing kit work day.
Stay safe and well.

Meeting of 13 February, 2023

We had a lovely evening at The Village Well, Aldgate, to celebrate the launch of the book ‘A Macrocosm of Microcosms that is the Pinoak Tiers Retirement Village’, by Elizabeth Elix and John Gell.
Unfortunately, Elizabeth was unable to attend; her introductory comments about this magnificent Rotary Club of Stirling project were presented most ably by her best friend and fellow former teacher, Ruth Guy.
We were treated to a fascinating visual presentation of the development of the Pinoak Tiers Retirement Village, from virgin scrub to beautifully designed units in a superbly landscaped setting. Vaguely familiar faces, to the ‘oohs and aahs’ of the captive audience, kept popping up, including an extraordinarily youthful, slim, John Norris, identified by his bouffant hairstyle.
The Club planned, financed and built, from 1979-81, a retirement village of 18 units. Initially known as the Rotary Club Cottage Homes complex, it was later renamed Pinoak Tiers Retirement Village. Another 18 units were added to the complex in 1994; one of these units was occupied by the parents of the architect of the project Ross Sands who donated his services free.
Rotary District Governor of the day Gwynne Adams declared at the opening ceremony on 3rd May 1981:
“the biggest project ever undertaken by a Rotary Club.”
It was marvellous to meet old members, partners and friends of the Club who were around at that time - Owen and Margot Williams, Vince and Helen Monterola, Bob and Marlene Lehmann and Ross and Janet Sands.
It was nice also to celebrate, with our Rotary Club of Onkaparinga colleagues, the 45th anniversary of that Club, a Club originally sponsored by the Rotary Club of Stirling.
It was an inspiring evening!
L to R: Lea Andrew, Grant Andrew, Dennis Butler, Chris Butler, Keith Broderick, Ken Jeffery

Committee meetings, 20 February, 2023: Summary

  • Consider venue options for the change over dinner
  • Encourage members to nominate a speaker or topic for our regular meetings.
There would be 25 meetings set up.
  • Caravan to be hired to RC Unley for one day, 21 April
  • Ongoing talks with AHC regarding the old Stirling East School site and management
  • Van health inspection passed. All users require food safety training. More in the future.
  • Piccadilly Walk progressing with IPP Stephen Blacketer as the lead.
  • Dates tentative 2024: Sculpture April, Piccadilly Walk May, HSAFD November
  • Club 2023 grants close Friday 24 February
  • Sumatra – the toilet block is progressing with the recycled plastic in bottles.
  • Birthing Kit assembly work day on Sunday 26 Feb
  • Concentrate on existing sponsorship of youth, RYLA, Sailing challenge, Science fair etc.
  • Continue to improve our relationship with HHS and have them present at a meeting
  • Consider the option to sponsor a Rotary Exchange student “out” of the country
  • Sailing challenge this year is in Victoria only associated with the conference. Maybe we will share a sponsorship with another club

Board Meeting 20/02/23: Summary

  • By-Laws changes approved
  • Club goals for 22-23 to be updated
  • Increase the relationship with SBA and have a breakfast for the SBA members
  • Review and kick start again the Friends of Rotary
  • New generic club business card printed for all members (distribute next meeting)
  • Financial accounts: Malcolm and Pauline to discuss ways to cover and not change the dues
  • Neil Wickens nomination to re-join approved by the board. Awaiting any comments/objections from members

Birthing Kit Assembly Day

Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) provides birthing kits and education in clean birthing practices to women birthing at home in remote regions of the developing world. They are designed to support hygienic practices and environments during childbirth in under-resourced settings.
The Club will be assembling 200 birthing kits as its contribution to this important global program. Members and friends will be doing this on Sunday 26 February at 2:00pm at the home of Mark Higgins.
Please join us in this most worthwhile and sociable club activity.

NB Monday, 27 February, 2023: NO MEETING in view of birthing kit activity

All British Day 2023

ABD is on again after a two-year hiatus because of you-know-what!

It’s on Sunday, 5 March at the Echunga Recreation Grounds; open to the public 1030-1500.  The Rotary Club of Stirling will be represented by Alan O’Donnell in his superb Jaguar Mk II 3.4 and Robert Koehne in his imperious Humber Pullman. Come and join the lads as they fettle their fancies. Marvel at the magnificence of the (erstwhile) British automobile industry.
Check the website for further details -

Speaking of conveyances.....

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Birthing Kit Assembly Day
Home of Mark Higgins
Feb 26, 2023
2:00 PM – 5:30 PM
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Stirling Hotel
Mar 06, 2023
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Mar 13, 2023
Committee Meetings/Board Meeting
Stirling Hotel
Mar 20, 2023
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Club Meeting (Rod Lovell)
Stirling Hotel
Mar 27, 2023
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