A Special Shout Out to all you Mums out there! 

Although EVERY day should be Mothers' Day, at least it does not hurt to be reminded of  all that our Mums instilled in us and what they continue to nourish, in their children.

Next Week's Meeting

At our regular meeting on Monday, Pauline Annear will introduce our guest speaker, Deb Bates from the Hut. Deb will be talking about the wide range of activities happening at The Hut. We all know of or may even be involved in some of the services The Hut provides but this is a chance to get a 'big picture' perspective of this amazing organisation that does so much for the people in our community.

Old School Community Garden Open Day

Yet another successful event supported by our members who provided catering and logistical support to the organisers of the Open Day!
                   A perfect day for a visit                          Greg Russell handled
                         to the Open Day                             the COVIDO-Safe Welcome
                 Among our five star chefs we count Dick Wilson, John Osborne,
                       Andrew Cass, Robert Koehne and David Hogan.  
While possibly lacking in professional qualifications, we have been assured they have all paid close attention when dining at five star establishments!
Thanks also to Nic Kentish, Ken Patterson, Tim Boon, Greg Russell and Pauline Annear for their help on both Saturday and Sunday. Thanks also to Malcolm Horton for preparing the risk management documents so we could have a site meeting and tick off the checklist before we started - a very necessary part of all of our community activities.

District Assembly

Acting President Susanne and Dan represented the club on Sunday the at the annual District Assembly held at Prince Alfred College. Susanne, in her capacity as Deputy Governor Areas, led a session with the Area Governors and Dan was afforded a slot in a breakout session to talk about ShelterBox.
Overall, a very successful event and a great source of  inspiration and information , particularly, for incoming, first time Directors and Executives.

Upcoming Activities

On Sunday May 23 we will be cooking a BBQ for the Salvos at the Stirling Market. This is a service activity we are involved in every year in May for their Red Shield Appeal. If you are available to help, please sign up HERE.
On Sunday June 6, in lieu of our meeting on Monday June 7, we will be having a tree planting day. Thanks to our 10 dedicated growers and their nurturing care over the last six months, our seedlings are now ready to be planted out. We have been growing for Joe Kupke, from Adelaide Hills Tree Services. He has a number of landholders whose properties benefit from the seedlings we have grown. We are keen to make this a whole of club service activity - it will be fun, we get out in the fresh air and there will definitely be some socialising at the end of the planting! 
If you are available to be part of this day, please sign up HERE. We need lots of you and details about time and place will be coming soon.

A bit of a Laugh 

Upcoming Events
Regular Meeting (Deb Bates from The Hut)
Stirling Hotel
May 10, 2021
Regular Meeting (Linus Faustin)
Stirling Hotel
May 17, 2021
6:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Red Shield Appeal BBQ
Stirling Market
May 23, 2021
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Stirling Hospital Dinner
Boardroom, Stirling Hospital
May 24, 2021
Regular Meeting
Stirling Hotel
May 31, 2021
Trees For Life Tree Planting Day
Jun 06, 2021
No meeting in lieu of Tree Planting Day
Stirling Hotel
Jun 07, 2021
No Meeting (Queen's Birthday)
Jun 14, 2021
Regular Meeting
Stirling Hotel
Jun 21, 2021
Changeover Dinner
Mount Osmond Golf Club
Jun 25, 2021 6:30 PM –
Jun 28, 2021 8:00 PM
Jun 28, 2021
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May 1, 1979
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