Last Monday Night's Meeting

Greg Russell entertained us all with an informative presentation on two of the pivotal moments which determined the outcome of World War II.
Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, code named "Operation Barbarossa", involved almost 3,000,000 personnel along a 2,900-kilometer front, with 600,000 motor vehicles and over 600,000 horses for non-combat operations.  The battles were marked by horrific atrocities on both sides and unimaginable hardship, death and destruction. The offensive, the largest in history, and the defeat inflicted by the Red Army, only served to hasten Germany's overall defeat but which then led to the most calamitous, geopolitical instability of our lifetime.
In our hemisphere, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor forced the US into the war which then led to the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end the war in the Pacific...and to usher in the Nuclear Age!
On Monday, the club also heard from Lucy Kopp, our Rotary Youth Leadership Award programme alumnus who spoke of the many learning outcomes she experienced and of the many lifetime friends she had made there. Our nominee for the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) Natalie Teasdale joined us, as did Grace Hirschausen, who is being co-sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Mt Barker and Stirling.
L-R: Grace Hirshausen, Natalie Teasdale, Lucy Stephens (Lucy Kopp's Mentor),
Lucy Kopp and Helen Marshall, (D9510 RYLA Coordinator.)

Next Monday's Meeting (Committee Night) 

Make sure you get your personal  agenda items added to your Chair's agenda for the meetings and come prepared to contribute to the planning discussions.

Polio Fundraiser 

Watch this space for news about our next End Polio Now! Fundraiser,
The Duke, coming soon to Wallis Cinema Mt Barker.

Interesting Maps

A picture tells a thousand words...
50% of Canadians live below the red line!
Size comparison between Australia and the continental US
The world's smallest country (Vatican City .44.sq Km) can fit inside
the world's biggest building (Aalsmeer Flower Auction, .52 sq Km), The Netherlands)

A Sneaky Bastard!

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