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6 June, 2020
 President’s Ponderings
Hello to my fellow Rotary Club of Stirling members (and any spouses / partners who may also read this bulletin).
I trust you are all keeping yourselves safe and well.  It is nice to be able to at least visit a little more of our own state now and to start to see more of family and friends.
Our most recent Zoom meeting was on Monday 25th May.  Unfortunately, a couple of you missed out on receiving the invitation email. 
Our guest speaker was Dan Edmonds' step daughter Tiffany Lyndall-Knight.  What a fascinating and interesting presentation.  I loved hearing all she had to say in a dynamic presentation. 
This is a Zoom screenshot of her "Three Minute Thesis" presentation at Flinders University and to see a link to a short video sample of earlier performances, click HERE and a complete filmography on the International Movie Database is HERE  
Tiffany heads up the SA Branch of MEAA (Actors Equity) and has set up a benevolent trust fund to support all the performers (actors, musicians, technicians and theatre staff) who have been so badly impacted by COVID-19.  If you wish to support the arts in SA, donations may be made here
Thank you to Tiffany – a very worthwhile presentation!
Our next Zoom meeting is next Monday 15th June (today, the 8th being a public holiday, and commitments of people already in place.) from 5pm till 6pm.
We will have an interesting presentation on a Rotary health programme with a video.  PDG Dick Wilson will introduce this video and will also fill us in on many other Rotary campaigns. Sometimes this subject can confuse people and they donate to similar non-Rotary similar charities that already have significant Government funding.  It is important for us to be clear so that we can support our own Australian Rotary Health wonderful programmes.  PDG Dick Wilson has been a past board member for many years.
If you do not receive the invitation from Dan by Mon lunch time on 15th please or need some help to connect, call him on 0439 892 767.
Tomorrow, I will be meeting with a small committee to make a final decision on how we handle our Changeover, so stay tuned because we will be letting you know details later this week.
Look out for the invitation and link to our meeting next Monday, the 15th and for more information about our Changeover on Fri 26th June.  Keep that evening free.  I would love as many as possible to participate with us.  
Have a great week
Yours in Rotary
Susanne Marie   President
Influenza infections at an all time low!
Perhaps because of social distancing and restrictions on gatherings, perhaps because everybody took the advice to get vaccinated early or perhaps because some people were reluctant to seek medical attention or go to a hospital if they were experiencing flu symptoms, the number of cases of seasonal flu has plummeted!
Whatever the causes, this is proof positive that vaccination, good hand hygiene and other measures to keep yourselves safe actually work!

You gotta laugh!

Is there a theme running through this?


Save the Dates!

The D9510 Conference Committee wishes to announce that the inaugural D9510 Conference will be held from the afternoon of Friday 16th April 2021 to 12:30pm Sunday 18th April 2021 in Bendigo.
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