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"The Wyatt Trust - doing good in SA since 1886"
Our guest speaker at our last meeting was Tony Ashdown, Community Development Manager at the Wyatt Trust.
He recounted the extraordinary story of  their founder, Dr William Wyatt, whose legacy, bearing his name, is Australia's oldest, private philanthropic trust.
Dr Wyatt, an early settler, invested in a several parcels of land in the first land sale in Adelaide in 1837.  Amassing a substantial fortune from his landholdings and with no surviving heirs, he established a trust for the benefit of his fellow South Australians, many of whom struggled with adversity and poverty.
The Foundation shared many of  Rotary's objectives to support those in need, prompting his reaching out to Rotary clubs around the state their story in, hopefully, an inspirational and informative manner.  He succeeded!

Next Meeting

Their is no meeting on Monday (the Queen's Birthday) because the Changeover Dinner is on Friday, 25 June.
The next Regular Club meeting, therefore, will be on Monday, 31 June.

Stirling Hospital Dinner

Once again, ???, the ???, staff and students, hosted is in q

Tree Planting


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The Case for New Clubs

Mark Huddleston
A few thoughts from my presentation on The Case For New Clubs...
❓Why is there resistance from local clubs/Rotarians to the establishment of new clubs?
😟Fear and feeling threatened.
😟Fear that a new club will encroach on their "recruiting catchment area", and they will take all of their potential members they were about to recruit. 📌If existing clubs were going to recruit those volunteers, they would have done it by now!
😟Fear that the existing club will be shown up by a bigger, better, newer offering.
😟Fear of appearing irrelevant.
😟Fear of a new club stealing the limelight.
😟Fear some of their members will jump ship. 📌If the culture of existing clubs is good, they should have no reason to fear their members switching clubs.
📈It is the job of district leaders to foster a growth mindset and allay these fears.
📌Existing and new clubs need to collaborate. Have joint projects and activities.
📌New clubs increase the pie. More clubs mean more Rotarians, a larger Rotary footprint, greater presence, greater community engagement, more impact.
📌We cannot afford to have new clubs seen as threats!
📌If existing clubs are not prepared to modernise and grow, they must not stand in front of those who are!
⚡️Our membership decline is not about a lack of knowledge, but a lack of will.
Dick Wilson’s take on it
A few thoughts from my presentation on The Case For New Clubs...


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Jun 21, 2021
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Mount Osmond Golf Club
Jun 25, 2021
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Jun 28, 2021
Charter Night
Sep 13, 2021
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Joint Dinner Meeting with RC of Mt Barker
Auchendorroch House
Sep 27, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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