Last Week's Meeting at Woodhouse Activity Centre

A great evening was had by 29 of us - a beautiful balmy evening, good food and an interesting talk by ex member Dennis Liddle who is the Warden at Woodhouse. Dennis outlined the many programs offered at the centre - from one day visits to Challenge Hill and the Labyrinth (very popular with families), to school camps, to special family gatherings and to the many weddings that are held there.
Woodhouse Manor is a beautiful old building with historical South Australian significance. It has a fully functioning kitchen space, dining rooms and accommodation upstairs. There is also more accommodation in the Bunkhouse which is where most of the school camps hang out. Dennis also talked about the Scouting organisation in general and about the various constraints now put on the property by the Council because it is in a high fire risk area. This has meant no more Scout Jamborees at the property and the necessity to build a fire safe refuge to accommodate 300 people. This very modern building is called Seeonee and can also double as a function space.
It was great to catch up with Dennis and Vivienne again and we thank them for their hospitality.
Unfortunately, with our resident photographer unable to attend, and everyone else having too good a time, there were no photos taken by anybody! So here's a photo of some of the activities you can do at Woodhouse if you feel so inclined - with acknowledgements to the Woodhouse website.

Monday Night's Guest Speaker is Hamish Cooper from the Aldgate CFS

Hamish will talk about the rich history of the Aldgate Brigade in a presentation entitled "Advance with Courage".  Not to be missed!

2022 Hills Small Acreage Field Days Prospectus Released!

An update from Greg who reports that the very active and productive sub-committee has been meeting regularly for the past 5 months and planning for the HSAFD is now well advanced.  A major milestone was achieved this week with the publication of the Prospectus which now reflects our new branding and logo.  
Our thanks especially go to to Malcolm and his son Josh, for assistance with the graphics and layout.
There will be a major launch event shortly and a comprehensive marketing program will begin to include the 200+ potential exhibitors on our list, as well as further leads that will result from a media and a social media blitz.
We are delighted that the Regional Development Authority has signed on as a major sponsor and has been especially helpful with advice on branding and marketing.  They will promote opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors in their weekly newsletter to more than 2,500 local businesses and associations.  Both local councils will also list the event in their newsletters and on their websites.
As members are aware, this is going to be a very significant undertaking for our club, both on the weekend of 24-25 September but also for the bump in and bump out periods on 23 September and 26 September.

Ancient Grammar Police



...and Where Were the Editors when You Really Needed Them?

To see some cringeworthy newspaper Headlines Click HERE

Finally, if all the Young Ones have Been Put To Bed...

Ahhhhh! Aussie Humour...You Just Gotta Love it!
...a bit risque, but we are all mature adults.  Right?  Click here to view.
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