Last Week's Meeting

The presentations by a selection of youth leaders at Monday night's meeting has reinforced the impression that the future is assured and in good hands. 
             (From L-R) Linus Faustin, Ben Gast, Charli Denver and Chair PDG Dick Wilson
Ben kicked off with a talk about his participation in the National Youth Science Forum.
While COVID forced changes to the program, usually held in Canberra at the ANU, Ben felt that the program was actually enhanced with the local involvement of Uni SA and a visit to the Defence Science and Technology Group at the airbase in Edinburgh. During the week, the participants had plenty of time to interact with two Nobel Laureates, including Astrophysicist and Vice Chancellor of the ANU, Brian Schmidt.  Another highlight was extracting the DNA from a strawberry!
Ben had started out the week plagued with career uncertainty but emerged from NYSF with a clear sense of purpose, confidence and resolve to pursue a career in science.
Charli Denver described her time in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program as "Life Changing!"
She described herself as being quite shy, reserved and as being quite "terrified" about making new friends and, especially about public speaking. before joining the program.  That self assessment was quickly and firmly dispelled  as evidenced by her confident, entertaining, enthusiastic and heartfelt speech on Monday night!
Although in large measure she credited support offered by the rest of the participants (many, now, lifelong friends), the program itself drew out many amazing skills and talents of which participants were previously unaware.  They all had the opportunity to interact with self made millionaires and other inspirational speakers and all underwent training in leadership, conflict management and ethics, They also learned a lot about themselves through testing, interacting with course leaders, working with others, and even found, to her amazement, that it was actually possible to survive, and even thrive, without access to their phones!
Apparently she enjoyed, in particular, meeting a few members of the University of Adelaide Rotaract Club and was impressed enough to join!. 
Linus Faustin spoke eloquently about his life of deprivation as an orphan growing up on the streets of Dar es salaam and how being "given a chance" on so many occasions in the years that followed, he never squandered them by seizing every one to improve his lot.  Hard work and commitment had paid him huge dividends over the years, he said.
Now only 26, in a (short) career, he had earned a first degree from UTS Sydney, a Masters in Construction from Bond University and, while passionate about politics and social justice, acted as Vice President of the Student Union at UTS.  He has joined numerous social justice and youth leadership delegations around the world, including to the UN in New York.

In 2017 he was named NSW International Student of the Year. 

He intends to gain professional experience and knowledge in Australia before returning to Tanzania to enter politics in the opposition party to aid in the recovery after so many years of authoritarian government. He noted that the political cadres are too  often dominated by union activists, lawyers, "professional" politicians and party loyalists, without any "real world" experience in business, science or in "building things"; hence his desire to only return when he can contribute practical skills and knowledge to his country.
No doubt we will hear more about Linus' achievements in the future.

Annual Dinner at Stirling Hospital

For those of you lucky (or quick) enough to score a place at Monday night’s annual dinner at the Stirling Hospital, things are shaping up for a terrific night out in support of this great, local institution.
Doors to the Boardroom (to the left in the Lobby) open at 6:00.  Our host, as usual, is CEO Jenny Cameron who has kindly arranged tours of the hospital at 6:15 and 6:30pm.
Orthopaedic surgeon,  Dr Jan Tomlinson, is our invited guest speaker.
(As infection control is vitally important, don’t forget to sign in or use the QR Code upon entry to the Boardroom and you should not attend if you have respiratory symptoms.)

Trees for Life 

As our contribution to rehabilitating the areas in parklands and private properties that suffered so much devastation in recent fires, Pauline and her green thumb team have watched their seedlings grow to the stage when they are ready for planting.
They now urgently need YOUR support to help plant them on Sunday 6 June.  Click HERE to sign up. 

Yet ANOTHER Spin off of Masterchef

Click HERE for a preview
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