Last Meeting  

Our guest speaker was A/Professor Sharon Morton, Director - Medical Services for the Barossa, Hills, Fleurieu Local Health Network.  She spoke to us on the subject of "COVID Vaccines – what does the future hold?".
                                Setting the example.  "It didn't hurt a bit!"
As someone in the thick of the action and at the front end of SA's response to the incredible challenges presented by COVID, she captivated her audience who listened with rapt attention.  
                 ...and this is an illustration the little nasty causing all the fuss! 
                     It shows the tiny crowns which gives it its name...
                                     a novel (new) corona (crown) virus.
Although Australia had secured adequate dosages of vaccines, including securing the local production of AstraZeneca, initial supply shortages were experienced when shipments were withheld in Europe to deal with new waves of infections. 
Australia, though, was in the fortunate position of having largely controlled the outbreak through isolating travelers, testing and tracing, and, of course, enjoying a populace which largely respected the science and listened to experts and political leaders.  This allowed time to assess large scale rollouts of the vaccines elsewhere and time to ramp up production of the vaccine which did not require difficult and expensive deep refrigeration; a major hurdle for delivery outside major population centres.
Sharon's presentation only served to reinforce confidence in SA's handling of the crisis. 

PE Stephen has Started his Journey...

Following on from his attendance at the recent PETS two day workshop for Presidents Elect, Stephen Blacketer was entrusted with the International President's Theme Banner for 2021/22 presented by ADG Susanne.  He will reveal the new theme at the Changeover Dinner when he formally takes over as President for the upcoming Rotary Year.  
Everyone wished him well and pledged their support in these challenging times.

PDG Dick Wilson (again!) Honoured for his Commitment to Rotary Health

The incredible commitment and contribution made to the Rotary Health Foundation, earned PDG Dick a Paul Harris Fellowship with Three Sapphires!  Well done, Dick and thank you for your many years of hard work to improve the health of so many around the world. We are in awe of your efforts!

Heavy Metal Clean up Day for Don and Donna Reid

Once again club members rallied to help Don Reid remove roofing and other metal rubbish from the site of their devastated home.  Thanks to all who participated in the very busy season and a big thanks to Greg Russell for organising the working party.  Well done, all!

Upcoming Events

There is no meeting on Easter Monday and the next meeting, on 12 April is a Committee Night.  Directors will be sending out the agenda for your meeting so please come prepared to contribute to the discussion.
Time is running out to register for the FIRST EVER District 9510 Conference to be held in Marion at Westminster College from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 April.
If you have not yet attended a District Conference previously, you don't know what you would be missing out on if you did not make a special effort to attend this one so close to home!
There is a terrific line up of speakers and events which will guarantee a memorable experience!
Check out THIS LIST of incredible speakers on the packed program. 
Registrations close on MONDAY 5 APRIL!

Read All About Our Own Recent Shipping Disaster!

Bogged Popeye blocks River Torrens trade route

One of South Australia’s most tolerated icons has found itself stuck in Adelaide’s main trade route, the River Torrens, causing immeasurable economic disruption to Adelaide’s east/west algae and discarded old plastics trade.  Rescue crews are on site to free the vessel from the muddy banks.
Multiple Paddle Boats have been deployed to realign the Popeye over the past few hours. Unfortunately these efforts have failed, as all salvage vessels are manned by a small child and their father yelling at them for being too short to reach the pedals and pulling the lever the wrong way, as is South Australian maritime tradition.

How About a Bit of Sympathy for the Bunnies?

Stay safe over the weekend and enjoy the company of family and friends!
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Apr 05, 2021
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May 24, 2021
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Jun 07, 2021
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Jun 14, 2021
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Jun 21, 2021
Changeover Dinner
Mount Osmond Golf Club
Jun 25, 2021 6:30 PM –
Jun 28, 2021 8:00 PM
Jun 28, 2021
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