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On Wednesday evening last, a large group of us gathered at the Pulpit Cellars for a combined meeting. It was a little tricky to find but luckily the instructions did say “next to Aldi”.
Entrance to Pulpit Cellars (located in the pulpit of the former church) is through Urban Cellars and up the stairs to a beautiful function room that can comfortably hold up to 50 people.  There were about 40 of us there; almost half of whom were from our Rotary club.  Lovely platters of nibbles and generous amounts of pizza flowed freely and Howard Vineyard hosted a tasting of some of its wonderful wines.
Our guest speaker for the evening was Aldgate resident, John Chapman, Small Business Commissioner for South Australia, who has a sizeable office staff working on helping small business owners to start, run or grow their business. 
They also provide advice on dispute prevention and resolution and offer many free information sessions. Today they also are called upon to support many farmers dealing with debt and other issues facing this troubled sector.
I later received a thank you email from President John Rowley who was very grateful for our wholehearted support of their fundraiser (which raised $300) and for the great attendance from Stirling.   Although they only have about 7 members, the Blakiston Club, a fellow Group 3 member, is particularly active.
                                 L-R: Blakiston President, John Rowley,
                        Small Businesss Commissioner, John Chapman and
                              Blakiston Past President, John Ilingworth.
     Representatives from Mount Barker and Onkaparinga were also in attendance.
On Monday evening we are back at the Stirling Hotel and Dan Edmonds will be our guest speaker with great information with his new role in Shelterbox. 
Please send apologies to me (0418 845 119) or on by SUNDAY 7PM as I will need to email the hotel Sunday night as I am attending an intensive business seminar from 8.30am Monday all day.
By the way we made it to the Courier this week. 
Yours in Rotary
Susanne Marie   President
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