Our meetings  are held every Monday  at 6:15 for 6:30 pm  except  on South Australian public holidays.
  • Unless advised otherwise as indicated in the details listed below, we meet at the (click) Stirling Hotel.
  • The Hotel is situated at the corner of Johnston Street and the main street of the Stirling township.
  • To view a map of the location, please click on the highlighted words "Stirling Hotel" above.
  • To assist with catering, Visiting Rotarians are invited to notify the Hotel kitchen staff at  8339-2345  on the day they will be attending.
  • Non Rotarians  are also welcome to visit by appointment.  Please e-mail to the Club address to make appropriate arrangements.
24th September 2018 - Meeting 2032         NEXT MEETING
17th September 2018 - Meeting 2031 
10th September 2018 - Meeting 2030
3rd September 2018 - Meeting 2029
27th August 2018 - Meeting 2028
20th August 2018 - Meeting 2027
13th August 2018 - Meeting 2026
6th August 2018 - Meeting 2025  
30th July 2018 - Meeting 2024 
23rd July 2018 - Meeting 2023
16th July 2018 - Meeting 2022 
Speaker:  PDG Sam Camporeale 
Subject:   Some things you didin't know about the Rotary Foundation    
9th July 2018 - Meeting 2021 
Speaker: Wendy Gaborit and Jane Goodall 
Subject:   Planning for Disaster Recovery     
29th June 2018 - Meeting 2020
Annual Changeover Dinner
Held at the Stirling Golf Club
25th June 2018 - Meeting 2019
Speaker:    Adelaide Hills Council Officer (TBA) 
Subject:     TBA
Chairman   Rotarian Tim Boon:  

18th June 2018 - Meeting 2018 
Speaker:     Wendy Gaborit and Jane Goodall 
Subject:      Planning for Disaster Recovery    
11th June 2018 - No Meeting
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

4th June 2018 - Meeting 2017
Speaker:   John Hong  
Subject:     Major Crash Investigation     
Chairman:  Rotarian Dan Edmonds

28th May 2018 - Meeting 2016 
Speaker:     Jan Webber  
Subject:       Road Rules Quiz    
Chairman:   Rotarian Dan Edmonds

21st May 2018 - Meeting 2015
Speaker:    Jake Rushker   
Subject:      Helicopters - Chopper at the Ready   

14th May 2018 - Meeting 2014
Speaker:    President Elect Greg Russell   
Subject:     New Dimensions for 2018-19    
Chairman: TBA

7th May 2018 - Meeting 2013
Facilitator:    President Neil Wickens   
Discussion:  Optimism, humour, easing stress and tension     
Chairman:    Sergeant John Norris
30th April 2018 - Meeting 2012
Facilitator:  Rotarian Veronica Forsayeth 
Subject:  "Not the Blues"     
Chairman:  TBA 
23rd April 2018 - Meeting 2011
Speaker:  Past President Owen Bevan
Subject:  Sir Nicholas Winton - Among the greatest Rotarians?
Chairman:  Past President John Norris
16th April 2018 - Meeting 2010
Speaker:    Dr. Malcolm Hale
Subject:     Community Planning
Chairman:  Past President Colin Fraser 
9th April 2018 - Meeting 2009
Partners Evening
Guests:   Harold Sharp and Gina Growden
Chairman:  PDG Dick Wilson  
2nd April 2018 - No Meeting
Easter Monday Public Holiday
26th March 2018 - Meeting 2008
Business:  Feedback from District 9520 Conference and Future Stirling Club Directions
Presenters:  President Neil,  PDG Dick Wilson, and President Elect Greg Russell
Chairman:  President Neil Wickens
19th March 2018 - Meeting 2007
Held at Mt. Barker
Please note:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel
12th March 2018 - No Meeting
Adelaide Cup Day Public Holiday
5th March 2018 - Meeting 2006
Speaker:    Rotarian Lisa Medlen
Subject:     New Member Talk
Chairman:  Past President Owen Bevan 
26th February 2018 - Meeting 2005
Speaker:  Graham "Moose" Dunlop
Subject:   Trojan Trek 

19th February 2018 - Meeting 2004
Speaker:  Rotarian Pauline Annear 
Subject:   Our Electronic Age 

12th February 2018 - Meeting 2003
Speaker:  Rotarian Damien Leach 
Subject:  District 9520 Youth Service Coordinator 
5th February 2018 - Meeting 2002
Speaker: Rotarian Roger Irvine
Subject: Adventures in Asia
Chairman: Past President Robert Koehne
29th January 2018 - Meeting 2001
Speaker: Rotarian Roger Irvine
Subject: Adventures in Asia
Chairman: Past President Robert Koehne
22nd January 2018 - Meeting 2000
Speaker: Rotarian Alan O'Donnell
Subject: Behind the Badge
Chairman: Past President John Goslett
15th January 2018 - Meeting 1999
8th January 2018 - Meeting 1998
1st January 2018 - No Meeting
New Year's Day Public Holiday
25th December 2017 - No Meeting
Christmas Day - Peace and Good Will to all People
18th December 2017 - Meeting 1997
Induction of new Rotarian and Club member
Further business as determined by the President
11th December 2017 - Meeting 1996
Christmas Family Social Night
At the Home of Mark and Celine Higgins 
4th December 2017 - Meeting 1995
Speaker: Tom Gilbert
Subject: Motoring Then and Now
Chairman: Past President Grant Andrew
27th November 2017 - Meeting 1994
Business: Club Annual General Meeting
Election of Officers for Rotary Year 2018-19
Club Forum
20th November 2017 - Meeting 1993
Bickles Bonfire Night
13th November 2017 - Meeting 1992
Speaker: Phil Westover
Subject: The Battle of Fromelle a Century On

6th November 2017 - Meeting 1991
Speaker: PDG Peter Edwards
Subject: Hurricane Irma
30th October 2017 - Meeting 1990
Speaker: Rotarian Ruth Chapman
Subject: Member Introduction
23rd October 2017 - Meeting 1989
Speaker: David Callum
Subject: OH&S Bhutan
16th October 2017 - Meeting 1988
Speaker: Rotarian David Hogan
Subject: Pretending to be a Pilot
9th October 2017 - Meeting 1987
Speaker: Professor Anne Roche, Director, National Centre for Education and Training in Addiction Studies
Subject: Lift your lid on Mental Illness

2nd October 2017 - No meeting
Labour Day Public Holiday

25th September 2017 - Meeting 1986
Speakers: Legh and Helen Davis
Subject: Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

18th September 2017
Speaker: Rotarian Don Will
Subject: Calperum and Risely Forest

11th September 2017
Speaker: Rotarian Nick Kentish
Subject: Behind the Badge

4th September 2017
Speaker:  Tony Schwerdt
Subject:  Reclaiming Mustangs from Maralinga

28th August 2017
Speaker:  Rotarian Sally Charlton and Dr. Sara Fensak
Subject:  Helping Hands 
21st August 2017
Speakers:  Michael Neale and PDG Wendy Gaborit
Subject:  Public Image and Media
Chairman:  Director Veronica Forsayeth
6th February 2017 - Meeting 1956
Speaker: Retired Detective and Senior Executive Police Officer John Murray APM
Subject: Arresting the Demons
Chairman: PDG Dick Wilson

30th January 2017 - Meeting 1955
Speaker: Peter Bleby
Subject: Aged Care Accommodation Dilemmas
Chairman: Rotarian Tim Boon
23rd January 2017 - Meeting 1954
Speaker: Deb Bates
Subject: The Hut
Chair: Rotarian Veronica Forsayeth

16th January 2017 - Meeting 1953
Speaker: Rotarian Sam Cozens
Subject: Vocational Service in Rotary
Chairman: Past President Rod Cooper
9th January 2017 - Meeting 1952
Speakers: Rotarian Ken Jeffery and Pauline Annear
Subject: Passage through India
Chairman: Past President Susanne Marie
2nd January 2017 - No meeting
New Year's Day Public Holiday
26th December 2016 - No meeting
Boxing Day Public Holiday
19th December 2016 - Meeting 1951
12th December 2016 - Meeting 1950
Christmas meeting
At the home of Rotarian Stephen Blacketer and Sharon
NB: No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
5th December 2016 - Meeting 1949
Speaker: Michael Backhouse
Subject: The South Australia Electricity Power System
Chairman: Rotarian Stephen Blacketer 

28th November 2016 - Meeting 1948
Business: Club AGM; followed by -
Speaker: Newly inducted Rotarian Veronica Forsayeth
Subject: My Life, My work
Chairman: Assistant Governor Susanne Marie
21st November 2016 - Meeting 1947
Speaker: Professor Jorg Hacker
Subject: Airborne Research:
14th November 2016 - Meeting 1946
Speaker: Past President Grant Andrew PHF
Subject: My Life, My Work
Chairman: Rotarian John Stoddard PHF

7th November 2016 - Meeting 1945
To be held at the home of PDG Dick Wilson and Liz
NB: No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
31st October 2016 - Meeting 1944
No guest speaker tonight
Business: Club Open Forum
24th October 2016 - Meeting 1943
Speaker: Bill Greg
Subject: Fine Bone China
Chairman: Rotarian Tim Boon
17th October 2016 - Meeting 1942
Speaker: Andrew Thomas, Optometrist and Opthalmologist
Subject: Sumba, Indonesia Eye Project
Chairman: Director Ron Malcolm

10th October 2016 - Meeting 1941
Annual Hat Day for Australian Rotary Health Week
3rd October 2016 - No meeting
Labour Day Public Holiday
26th September 2016 - Meeting 1940
Speaker:  Daryl Clarke
Subject:  Motorkite Dreaming  - Outback Odyssey
Chairman:  Past President Owen Bevan
19th September 2016 - Meeting 1939
Speaker:  Past District Governor Dick Cuttle
Subject:  Calperum Station
Chairman:  Rotarian David Wing
12th September 2016 - Meeting 1938
Speakers:  Peter and Isabelle Harwood (TFA Solar)
Subject:  Hybrid solar power systems and anything else about solar
Chairman:  Past President Robert Koehne
5th September 2016 - Meeting 1937
Speaker: John Carter
Subject: Orangutans and Preservation
Chairman: PDG Dick Wilson
29th August 2016 - Meeting 1936
Speaker: Suzanne Caragianis
Subject: Hand Therapy
Chairman: Rotarian Bill McQuillen

22nd August 2016 - Meeting 1935
District Governor's Visit                                        Members and partners are urged to attend this important occasion please.
DG Sam Camporeale
Chairman: President Mark Ramsey

15th August 2016 - Meeting 1934
Speaker: Alastair Farmer
Subject: Local Dentistry
Chairman: Director Neil Wickens
8th August 2016 - Meeting 1933
Speaker: Peter Winter
Subject: Book authorship
Chairman: Past President John Norris
1st August 2016 - Meeting 1932
Heathfield High School Dinner
NB: No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
25th July 2016 - Meeting 1931
Speaker: Margie Nottle
Subject: Human Trafficking

18th July 2016 - Meeting 1930
Speaker: John Carter
Subject: Orang-utan Foundation International Australia
11th July 2016 - Meeting 1929
Speaker: Kirsty Stark, Film Producer
Subject: "A Month of Sundays"
4th July 2016 - Meeting 1928
Club Forum
Chairman: President Mark Ramsay
24th June 2016 - Meeting 1927
Annual Changeover Dinner
6:30 for 7:00 pm - in lieu of 27th June
At the Stirling Golf Club     (formerly Mt. Lofty GC)
20th June 2016 - Meeting 1926
Speaker: Charles Mountain
Subject: Road Safety and the RAA
13th June 2016 - No meeting
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
6th June 2016 - Meeting 1925
Speaker: Warwick Billings
Subject: Cider Production
30th May 2016 - Meeting 1924
Tapanappa Winery Visit (Partners' Night)
NB: No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
23rd May 2016 - Meeting 1923
Joint Meeting with Mt. Barker and Onkaparinga Clubs at Mount Barker
Speaker: CEO, Operation Flinders
Subject: Current affairs of Operation Flinders 
NB: No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight

16th May 2016 - Meeting 1922
Business: District Conference de-briefing 
Chairman: President Rod Cooper
9th May 2016 - Meeting 1921
To be held at the Stirling District Hospital
Speaker: Medical professional
Chairman: DG Dick Wilson
NB: No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
2nd May 2016
Deferred in lieu of District Conference Weekend
25th April 2016 - No meeting
Anzac Day Public Holiday

18th April 2016 - Meeting 1920
1.  Pre District Conference Briefing
2.  Speaker: Nic Kentish
     Subject: Animals and Humans
 11th April 2016 - Meeting 1919
Speaker: Rotarian Ron Malcolm
Subject: Our PNG education initiative
4th April 2016 - Meeting 1918
Speaker: Rotarian Mark Higgins
Subject: Economic Update
Chairman: TBA

28th March 2016 - No meeting
Easter Monday Public Holiday
21st  March 2016 - Meeting 1917
Speaker: Jeremy Scott
Subject: 52,000 km bike ride from UK to NZ
Chairman: TBA

14th  March 2016 - No meeting
Adelaide Cup Public Holiday

7th  March 2016 - Meeting 1916
Speaker: Nigel Steele Scott
Subject: Adelaide Hills International Sculpture Symposium
Chairman: Rotarian Tim Boon
29 February 2016 - Meeting 1915
Speaker: David Rutter, Former Diplomat 
Subject: 1. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.  2. Risks associated with global fuel supplies.  
Chairman: TBA

22nd February 2016 - Meeting 1914
Speaker: Heidi Vam Gerwen
Subject: The Belgian Consul
Chairman: Director Dan
15th February 2016 - Meeting 1913
Speaker: Lyn Hay, General Manager
Subject: The Adelaide Business Hub
Chairman: Past President Robert Koehne
8th  February 2016 - Meeting 1912
Speaker: Peter Hackworth
Subject: Antarctic Experience
Chairman: Past President Robert Koehne
1st February 2016 - Meeting 1911
No speaker on this occasion
Business:  Committee meetings
25th January 2016 - Meeting 1910
No speaker on this occasion
Business:  Committee issues and developments
18th January 2016 - Meeting 1909
Speaker: Sam Barlow
Subject: Tapanappa Wines
Chairman: Rotarian Tim Boon
11th January 2016 - Meeting 1908
Speaker: James Freeman
Subject: The Sh-tbox Rally
Chairman: Newsletter Editor Rotarian Greg Russell
4th January 2016 - Meeting 1907
Social gathering - No formalities
On the front precinct of the Hotel
28th December 2015 - No meeting
Foundation Day Public Holiday
21st December 2015 - Meeting 1906
Christmas Family Celebration
At the home of Rotarian Stephen Blacketer
14th December 2015 - Meeting 1905
Speaker: Rotarian Bill McQuillen
Subject: Navigating the Great Barrier Reef
Chairman: Rotarian Neil Wickens
7th December 2015 - Meeting 1904
Speaker: Rotarian Mark Huddleston
Subject:  Fresh insights about Membership
Chairman: Past President Owen Bevan

30th November 2015 - Meeting 1903
*  District Governor's Visit
*  Annual General Meeting, RCS

23rd November 2015 - Meeting 1902
Speaker: Dr. James Allen
Subject: Photography on the Galapagos Islands
Chairman: Rotarian Ron Malcom
16th November 2015 - Meeting 1901
Speaker: Dr. Peter Herriot
Subject: Chronic pain
Chairman: Mrs. Mary Wing

9th November 2015 - Meeting 1900
Speaker: Professor Ellen McIntyre
Subject: Health Care outside Hospital

2nd November 2015 - Meeting 1899
Committee meetings
No Guest Speaker tonight

26th October 2015 - Meeting 1898
Speaker: Rotarian Tim Boon
Subject: New to Rotary
Board meeting
19th October 2015 - Meeting 1897
Speaker: Mr. Peter Emery
Mr Emery is a former Head of the SA Treasury
Committee meetings
12th October 2015 - Meeting 1896
Speaker: Tony Barradale
Subject: Mt. Lofty House
Chairman: Director Dan Edmonds
5th October 2015 - No Meeting
Labour Day Public Holiday
28 September 2015 - Meeting 1895
Speaker: Ollie Clarke
Subject: Algae to Oil
21st September 2015 - Meeting 1894
Speaker: CEO Elaine Bensted
Subject: SA Zoos
14th September 2015 - Meeting 1893
Explanation of Club Website up-grades and enhancements
Speaker: Rotarian Mark Ramsey
Subject: East-West Walk across England
Chairman: Past President John Norris

7th September 2015 - Meeting 1892
No speaker
Committee meetings

31st August 2015 - Meeting 1891
Speaker: Rotarian Stephen Blacketer
Subject: Meet the new Member
24th August 2015 - Meeting 1890
Speaker: Ewan Vickery
Subject: My Life after Rotary Exchange
17th August 2015 - Meeting 1889
Speaker: Michael Thomas (TocH)
Subject: The History and Operations of TocH
Chairman:  AG Susanne Marie
10th August 2015 - Meeting 1888
Speaker: Past President Trevor McGuirk
Subject: Recent Experiences in Cusco
Chairman: Rotarian Greg Russell
3rd August 2015 - Meeting 1887
Speaker: Dr. Ashleigh Smith
Subject: Dementia and Healthy Ageing
Chairman: Rotarian Alan O'Donnell
27th July 2015 - Meeting 1886
Heathfield High School Dinner
Chairman:  President Rod Cooper
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel this evening
20th July 2015 - Meeting 1885
Speaker: Ross McOmish 
Subject: History of the 1914-15 Allied assault on Turkey
Chairman:  Past President Andrew McArthur
13th July 2015 - Meeting 1884
Speaker: Claudine Burgess
Subject:  Breast Cancer Help Line
Chairman: Past President Colin Fraser

6th July 2015 - Meeting 1883
Club Forum
Chairman: President-Elect Rod Cooper AFSM
Friday 26th June 2015 - Meeting 1882
Annual Changeover Dinner
At the Stirling Golf Club     (formerly Mt. Lofty GC)
6:30 for 7:00 pm Friday 26th - in lieu of 29th June 
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel on either date
22nd June 2015 - Meeting 1881
Speaker: David Bell
Subject: The Adventures of Smarty
Chairman: TBA
15th June 2015 - Meeting 1880
Speaker: Dr. John Crowhurst
Subject: Anaesthetics and Pearl Harbour
Chairman: DGE Dick Wilson
8th June 2015 - No Meeting
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
1st June 2015 - Meeting 1879
Short address by Heathfield HS Student: Lara Clothier - My RYPEN Experience
Guest Speaker: Teresa Evans
Subject: Rotary Action Group - Rotarians Against Child Slavery
Chairman: President Robert Koehne
25th May 2015 - Meeting 1878
Speaker: Ian Parsons
Subject: State and Rotary Disaster Programme
Chairman: Rotarian Rob Hill
18th May 2015 - Meeting 1877
Speakers: Shaun Klingbiel (Teaacher) and 3 x Year 6 students
Subject:   Bridgewater Primary School War Service Memorial
Chairman: Director Rod Cooper
11th May 2015 - Meeting 1876
Speaker: Nick Wells
Subject: My Life in the Hills and Beyond 
Chairman: DGE Dick Wilson
4th May 2015 - Meeting 1875
Club Forum
Chairman: Rotarian Mark Ramsey
27th April 2015 - Meeting 1874
Vocational Visit:  To be held at Grumpy's Brewhaus, Verdun
Chairman: President Robert Koehne
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
20th April 2015 - Meeting 1873
Stirling Business Association Visit to the Club
Speaker: Ed Peter
Subject: Surprise! ...The GFC isn't over!  The next phase and how it affects Australia
Chairman: Rotarian Mark Higgins
13th April 2015 - Meeting 1872
Speaker: Inspector Sandy Morey, South Australia Police
Subject: Terrorism and its Associated Concerns
Chairman: Past President Owen Bevan
6th April 2015 - No Meeting
Easter Monday Public Holiday
30th March 2015 - Meeting 1871
6:00 for 6:30 pm:  Group 3 Inter-Club meeting
At:  Auchendarrock House, 17 Adelaide Road, Mount Barker
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
23rd March 2015 - Meeting 1870
6:00 pm:  Lawn Bowls Evening
At:  The Uraidla Bowling Club
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight

16th March 2015 - Meeting 1869
Speaker: Kerry Gehling
Subject: Literacy Review
Chairman: Pauline Annear

9th March 2015 - No meeting
Adelaide Cup Public Holiday

2nd March 2015 - Meeting 1868
Speaker: Natasha Huber
Subject: CFS Update - Sampson Flat fires
Chairman: Rotarian Rod Cooper

23rd February 2015- Meeting 1867
No Guest Speaker
Club Forum
Chairman: Rotarian Mark Ramsay

16th February 2015 - Meeting 1866
Speaker:  Rotarian Greg Russell
Subject:  Airport Security Issues
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
9th February 2015 - Meeting 1865
Speaker:  Susan Green
Subject:  The Apple and Pear Growers' Association
Chairman:  Rotarian Mark Ramsay
2nd February 2015 - Meeting 1864
Speaker: Ben Finnis
Subject: Update on Collectable Car Market
Chairman: Past President Colin Fraser
26th January 2015 - No meeting
Australia Day Public Holiday
19th January 2015 - Meeting 1863
Speakers: Dr. Anne Herriman and Ms. Sandra Kearney
Subject: Mount Lofty Historical Society Activities
Chairman: President Robert Koehne
12th January 2015 - Meeting 1862
Speaker: Past President Trevor McGuirk
Subject: Activities in Cusco, South America
Chairman: Past President Colin Fraser
5th January 2015 - Meeting 1861
Speakers: President-Elect Rod Cooper and Rotarian Rob Hill
Subject: Bushfire Awareness
Chairman:  President-Elect Rod Cooper
29th December 2014 - Meeting 1860
No speaker
New Year Informal Fellowship
22nd December 2014 - Meeting 1859
No speaker
Christmas Informal Fellowship
15th December 2014 - Meeting 1858
Christmas Party
Partners and family welcome
8th December 2014 - Meeting 1857
Speaker:  Director Neil Wickens
Subject:  Living and working in Pakistan 1977-79
Chairman:  Rotarian Mark Ramsey
1st December 2014 - Meeting 1856
Annual General Meeting
Business:  1. Election of Officers for 2015-16 Rotary year      2. Future Plans and Objectives       
Chairman:  Rotarian Mark Ramsey
24th November 2014 - Meeting 1855
Speakers:   Charlotte Blake - Her experience at the UN Conference in Canberra
                   Felix Cabrera Jr. - His experience in the RYLA programme
Chairman:  Vocation and Youth Director Sean Judge
17th November - Meeting 1854
Fun & Comedy Night
Guest Presenter:  Ivan Aristequieta - Comedian
Chairman:  Past President Colin Fraser
Sunday 9th November 2014 - Meeting 1853
40th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Stirling - Luncheon
Time:  12:30  for 1:00 pm
Venue:  Stirling Golf Club (formerly Mt. Lofty GC)  
Chairman:  President Robert Koehne
3rd November 2014 - Meeting 1852
Presenter:  DGE Dick Wilson 
Subject:  2016 Renmark Conference Update  
Chairman:  TBA

27th October 2014 - Meeting 1851
Speaker:  Aron Telford
Subject:  Surviving two liver transplants 
Chairman:  Director Rob Malcolm 

20th October 2014 - Meeting 1850
Speaker:  Rotarian Kathy Judge 
Subject:   Meet the Bulletin Editor
Chairman:  Rotarian Mark Ramsey
13th October 2014 - Meeting 1849   
Speaker:  Professor Michael Sawyer
Subject:   Australian Rotary Health
Chairman:  District Governor Elect Dick Wilson
6th October 2014 - No meeting
Labour Day Public Holiday
29th September 2014 - Meeting 1848  
Speaker:  President Elect Peter Mehta    
Subject:   The Rotary Club of Stirling, Scotland
Chairman:  President Robert Koehne
22nd September 2014 - Meeting 1847   
Speaker:  Rev. Phil Hoffman
Subject:   Experiences in Israel and Palestine
Chairman:  Past President Owen Bevan
15th September 2014 - Meeting 1846
Speaker:  David Holburn
Subject:   Air Refuelling
Chairman:  District Governor Elect Dick Wilson
8th September 2014 - Meeting 1845
Speaker:  President Robert Koehne
Subject:  The Appian Way: Ghost Road, Queen of Roads
Chairman:  Rotarian Mark Ramsey
1st September 2014 - Meeting 1844
Speaker:  District Governor Jerry Casburn
Subject:  District 9520 Future Directions
Chairman:  President Robert Koehne
25th August 2014 - Meeting 1843
Speaker:  Dr Priyambudi Solistiyano
Subject:  Insights into recent Indonesian elections
Chairman:  Director Ron Malcolm
18th August 2014 - Meeting 1842   
Speaker:  Rotarian Ken Jeffrey
Subject:   Christmas Island Visit
Chairman:  Rotarian Mark Ramsey
11th August 2014 - Meeting 1841   
Speaker:  Bagdadi Bashar
Subject:   Inside a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan
Chairman:  Director Ron Malcolm
4th August 2014 - Meeting 1840   
Speaker:  Rotarian Greg Russell  
Subject:   New to Rotary
Chairman:  Rotarian Mark Ramsey
28th July 2014 - Meeting 1839   
Heathfield High School Dinner
Chairman:  President Robert Koehne
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel this evening
21st July 2014 - Meeting 1838   
Speaker:  Bronwyn Chant
Subject:   Changing faces, Changing lives and Changing the face of the future
Chairman:  TBA
14th July 2014 - Meeting 1837        
Speaker:  Warren Wilson
Subject:   How Inventors Invent Inventions
Chairman:  Rotarian Rob Hill
7th July 2014 - Meeting 1836
Club Forum
Chairman:  President Robert Koehne
No guest speaker this evening
27th June 2014 - Meeting 1835
Annual Changeover Dinner
Venue:  Mt. Osmond Golf Club
Time:  6:30 for 7:00 pm
23rd June 2014 - Meeting 1834   
Speaker:  Dr. Ross Terry
Subject:   Medical experiences in PNG
Chairman:  Director Ron Malcolm
16th June 2014 - Meeting 1833
Speaker:  Lynda Walsh
Subject:   Women's Suffrage - A Stirling connection
Chairman:  Rotarian Alan O'Donnell
9th June 2014 - No meeting
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
2nd June 2014 - Meeting 1832
Committee meetings
No guest speaker this evening
26th May 2014 - Meeting 1831
Speaker:  Rotarian Mark Higgins
Subject:  Update on the World Economy
Chairman:  Rotarian Michael Christou
19th May 2014 - Meeting 1830
Speaker:  Tuckweng Kok
Subject:  Influenza Vaccines
Chairman:  Rotarian Alan O'Donnell

12th May 2014 - Meeting 1829
Speaker:  Depak Dhamala
Subject:   Nepal
Chairman:  Director Ron Malcolm
5th May 2014 - Meeting 1828
Briefing for 2014 by Royal Show Society personnel:   Michelle Hocking and Lucy Camp 
Committee Meetings
28th April 2014 - Meeting 1827
Stirling Hospital Visit
Meeting and Meal at the Hospital
Chairman:  Past President Dick Wilson
22nd April 2014 - Meeting 1826
Meeting at the CARA Camp, Arbury Park
Please note this is Tuesday evening
No meeting on Easter Monday public holiday
14th April 2014 - Meeting 1825
Speaker:  Joe Meuris
Subject:  RAWCS in Papua New Guinea
Chairman:  Director Ron Malcolm
7th April 2014 - Meeting 1824     
Club Forum and Committee meetings
No guest speaker this evening
31st March 2014 - Meeting 1823 
Speaker:  Colonel Graham Dunlop 
Subject:  Trojan's Trek Rehab for Returned Servicemen and Women
Chairman:  Rotarian Sean Judge

24th March 2014 - Meeting 1822
Speaker:  Past President John Norris
Subject:  Mariquita 19 metre Fife design classic yacht
Chairman:  Past President Colin Fraser

17th March 2014 - Meeting 1821  
Speaker:  Lyn Norris
Subject:  Literacy across the Ages
Chairman:  President Susanne Marie
10th March 2014 - No meeting
Public Holiday - Adelaide Cup Day
3rd March 2014 - Meeting 1820 
Speaker:  Jean Jacques Cousteau
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
Committee Meetings
24th February 2014 - Meeting 1819 
Speaker:  Bec Francis
Subject:  Stirling Laneways Project
Chairman:  Director Dennis Liddle
17th February 2014 - Meeting 1818 
Group Friendship Exchange.  Canadian visitors as the Club's Special Guests
Chairman:  President Susanne
10th February 2014 - Meeting 1817 
Speaker:  Colin Pearce
Subject:  Right on the Money - How character is demonstrated as we use our cash
Chairman:  Rotarian Dan Edmonds
3rd February 2014  - Meeting 1816
Committee Meetings
No Guest Speaker
27th January 2014  - No meeting 
Australia Day Public Holiday
20th January 2014  - Meeting 1815
Speaker:  Jenny Phiilips
Subject:  Australia-New Zealand Rotary Student Exchange
Chairman:  Past President Colin Fraser
13th January 2014  - Meeting 1814
Special Event:  Presentation to Hannah Kent
Speaker:  Dr. Milton Lewis
Subject:  Rotary against Malaria
Chairman:  Rotarian Alan O'Donnell 
6th January 2014 - Meeting 1813
Speakers:  New members - Sean and Kathy Judge
Chairman:  President Susanne Marie
30th December 2013 - Meeting 1812
23rd December 2013 - Meeting 1811
16th December 2013 - Meeting 1810
Club Christmas BBQ
Venue: Woodhouse Scout Camp  
9th December 2013 - Meeting 1809
Speaker:  Sonya Ryan
Subject:  The Carly Ryan Foundation
Chairman:  TBA
2nd December 2013 - Meeting 1808
Annual General Meeting of Club Members  
25th November 2013 - Meeting 1807    
Speakers:  Kevin Prosser and Robin le Gallez, RC of Murray Bridge
Subject:  2014 District Conference
Chairman:  DGN Dick Wilson
18th November 2013 - Meeting 1806    
Speaker:  Rex Lipman AOED
Subject:  Don't miss the Bus - Maintaining a Healthy Brain
Chairman:  Rotarian Dan Edmonds
11th November 2013 - Meeting 1805
Vocational Meeting - On site visits
At Stirling's Baker's Delight and Red Cacao businesses
Meal follows at The Locavore Restaurant, Stirling
4th November 2013 - Meeting 1804  
Committee Meetings
No Guest Speaker
28th October 2013 - Meeting 1803 
Speaker:  DGN Dick Wilson and Hayley Chapman
Subject:  The Rotary Health Programme - Oaktree
Chairman: TBA
21st October 2013 - Meeting 1802
Speaker:  Past District Governor Peter Kaye
Subject:  Youth Exchange Insurance
Chairman:  District Governor Nominee (DGN) Dick Wilson
14th October 2013 - Meeting 1801    
Speaker:  Graham Murray
Subject:  The History of the Stirling Organic Market
Chairman: Director Bob Koehne
7th October 2013 - No meeting 
Labour Day Public Holiday
30th September 2013 - Meeting 1800
Speaker:  District Governor Wendy Gaborit
Subject:  District 9520 Operations
Chairman: President Susanne
23rd September 2013 - Meeting 1799
Speaker:  Michael O'Donnell
Subject:  An extraordinary Russian MIG14 fighter aircraft adventure
Chairman: Rotarian Alan O'Donnell
16th September 2013 - Meeting 1798  
Speaker:  Rotarian Bob Bratchell
Subject:  "Ah Brazil"
Chairman: Past President Garry Thomas PHF and Sapphire
9th September 2013 - Meeting 1797
Speaker:  Brett Matthews
Subject:  Stirling Hotelier and Developer
Chairman: Director Rod Cooper
2nd September 2013 - Meeting 1796  
No Speaker
Business:  Committee Meetings
26th August 2013 - Meeting 1795
Speaker:  Samantha Cooper
Subject:  International Peace - Samantha's Experience
Chairman: TBA
19th August 2013 - Meeting 1794
Speaker:  Andy Becker
Subject:  Electoral Commission Management
Chairman:  Rotarian Rob Hill
12th August 2013 - Meeting 1793
Speaker:  Paul Slater
Subject:  Local Government Finance Authority
Chairman:  Director Rod Cooper
5th August 2013 - Meeting 1792   
No Speaker
Business:  Committee Meetings
29th July 2013 - Meeting 1791   
Partners' Night
Held at the Heathfield High School 
22nd July 2013 - Meeting 1790   
Speaker:  Daryl Clarke
Subject:  Microlight Odyssey Australia - Successful completion!
Chairman:  Past President Owen Bevan
15th July 2013 - Meeting 1789
Speakers:  Sarah Kingdon and Neil Wickens
Subject:  Self introductions as new club members
Chairman: Director Rod Cooper
8th July 2013 - Meeting 1788
Club Forum:  Directors' Presentations
Chairman:  Director Rod Cooper
28th June 2013 - Meeting 1787
Annual Changeover Dinner
Venue:  Mt. Osmond Golf Club
Time:  6:30 for 7:00 pm
24th June 2013 - Meeting 1786   
Speaker:  Hayley Chapman 
Subject:  The Oaktree Foundation
Chairman:  Director Rod Cooper 
17th June 2013 - Meeting 1785
Speaker:  Mark Salver
Subject:  Future Adelaide Hills Council Development Plans
Chairman:  Past President Colin Fraser
10th June 2013 - No meeting 
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
3rd June 2013 - Meeting 1784 
No Guest Speaker
Committee Meetings
27th May 2013 - Meeting 1783   
Speakers:  Laurie Lever and Lesley Walker
Subject:  Amnesty International
Chairman:  Past President John Norris
20th May 2013 - Meeting 1782 
Speakers:  Aldgate Optometrists
Topic:  Macular Degeneration
Chairman:  President Elect Susanne Marie
13th May 2013 - Meeting 1781   
Speaker:  Ashleigh Moore OAM
Subject:  Cancer Survival
Chairman:  Past President Grant Andrew
6th May 2013 - Meeting 1780 
No Guest Speaker
Committee Meetings
29th April 2013 - Meeting 1779   
Speakers:  Daryl Clarke and Aidan Glasby
Subject:  Microlight Odyssey Australia - A cultural adventure
Chairman:  Past President Owen Bevan
22nd April 2013 - Meeting 1778 
Speaker:  Hannah Kent
Subject:  Former Club Exchange Student
Chairman:  Director Ron Malcolm
15th April 2013 - Meeting 1777
Speaker:  Ms Liz Hawkins
Subject:  Programming a Festival
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
8th April 2013 - Meeting 1776 
No Guest Speaker
Committee Meetings
1st April 2013 - No meeting 
Easter Monday Public Holiday 
25th March 2013 - Meeting 1775 
Speaker:  Rotarian Ken Jeffrey and Pauline Annear 
Subject:  Impressions of America
Chairman:  TBA
18th March 2013 - Meeting 1774
Speaker:  Sally Paech
Subject:  The Beerenburg Foundation
Chairman:  Past President Grant Andrew
11th March - No meeting 
Adelaide Cup Public Holiday
4th March 2013 - Meeting 1773
Vocational Visit
At Deviation Road Winery, Scott Creek
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel tonight
25th February 2013 - Meeting 1772
Guest Speaker:  Hugo Martin - Rotary Exchange Student
Club Speakers: Rotarian Rob Hill and Director Rod Cooper 
Subject:  Bushfire Behaviour and Prevention
Chairman:  Rotarian Ron Malcolm
18th February 2013 - Meeting 1771
Speaker:  Lainie Anderson
Subject:  Personal profile
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
11th February 2013 - Meeting 1770
Speaker:  Mr. Lee Eckerman
Subject:  Understanding recent political elections and outcomes
Chairman:  Past Presdient Colin Fraser
4th February 2013 - Meeting 1769
No Guest Speaker
Committee Meetings
28th January - No meeting 
Australia Day Public Holiday
21st January 2013 - Meeting 1768 
Speaker:  Rob (Fred) Field
Subject:  Experiences as a Country Magistrate
Chairman:  Rotarian Dan Edmonds
14th January 2013 - Meeting 1767 
Speaker:  Rotarian Dan Edmonds
Subject:  Purchasing the Ayers Rock Resort
Chairman:  President-Elect Susanne Marie
7th January 2013 - Meeting 1766
General club business
31st December 2012 - No meeting
New Year's Eve
24th December 2012 - No meeting
Christmas Eve
17th December 2012 - Meeting 1765 
6:00 for 6:30 pm
Member's and Partners Christmas celebration
At the Rymill Centre, Woodhouse Scout Camp
10th December 2012 - Meeting 1764
Speaker:  Mervyn Lewis
Subject:  "Ponzi" Schemes
Chairman:  Past President Colin Fraser
3rd December 2012 - Meeting 1763
Annual General Meeting  
26th November 2012 - Meeting 1762 
Speaker:  Helen Alm
Subject:  Developing Leadership
Chairman:  Director Rod Cooper
19th November 2012 - Meeting 1761 
Speaker:  Grace Skrzypiec
Subject:  Bullying and Social Media
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
12th November 2012 - Meeting 1760   
Meeting at the Stirling Petanque Club
Speaker:  Jodie Atwell
Subject:  What's happening at Heathfield High School?
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
5th November 2012 - Meeting 1759
Committee Meetings  
29th October 2012 - Meeting 1758 
Meeting at the Stirling District Hospital
Speaker:  Dr. Richard Wells, Consulting Urologist
Chairman: President Don Moyes
22nd October 2012 - Meeting 1757 
Speaker:  Okke Velzeboer
Subject:  Inverbrackie and Citizenship
Chairman:  Director Susanne Marie
15th October 2012 - Meeting 1756 
Speaker:  Tom Phillips
Subject:  Passport to Safety
Chairman: Past President Trevor McGuirk  
8th October 2012 - Meeting 1755
2013 - No meeting
Rotary Hat Night.  Partners Welcome
Speaker:  Mark Chellew
Subject:   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - author of Sherlock Holmes
1st October 2012 - No meeting
Labour Day Public Holiday
24th September  2012 - Meeting 1754
Speaker:  Christie Peucker
Subject:  30 Days for 30 Years
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
17th September 2012 - Meeting 1753
Speaker:  Darren Justice 
Subject:  The View from my Office
Chairman: Past President Dick Wilson  
10th September 2012 - Meeting 1752
Open Session:  Developing confidence with the Rotary Website 
No guest speaker at this meeting
3rd September 2012 - Meeting 1751
Committee Meetings
No guest speaker at this meeting
27th August 2012 - Meeting 1750
Speaker:  Father Mark Sexton
Subject:  Experiences and duties of a Chaplain in Afghanistan
Chairman:  Rotarian Dennis Liddle   
20th August 2012 - Meeting 1749
Speaker:  Dr. Elizabeth Lewis
Subject:  Health and Education.  The Two Pillars of Society 
13th August 2012 - Meeting 1748
Speaker:  Past President Trevor McGuirk and Mrs Andrea McGuirk 
Subject:  Volunteering in Fiji
6th August 2012 - Meeting 1747
District Governor's Visit
Speaker:  DG Roy Armstrong
Committee Meetings to follow 
30th July 2012 - Meeting 1746
Speaker:  Past Assistant Governor John Osborne
Subject:  The 2nd Avenue of Rotary service
23rd July 2012 - Meeting 1745
Speaker:  Mr. John Garrett 
Subject:  Rotary Roving  Lifestyles
Chairman:  Past President John Norris
16th July 2012 - Meeting 1744
Speaker:  Mr. Ian Parsons 
Subject:  The State Disaster Plan - Rotary's Role
Chairman:  Secretary John Osborne
9th July 2012 - Meeting 1743
Programme:  Club Forum
Chairman:  Director Rod Cooper
NB:  No meeting on 2nd July 
29th June 2012 - Meeting 1742
Annual Changeover Dinner
At the Mt. Osmond Golf Club
6:30 for 7:00 pm (Friday - in lieu of 2nd July) 
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel
25th June 2012 - Meeting 1741
Speaker:  Alicia Ranford 
Subject:  Fly In Fly Out (FIFO)
Chairman:  Past President John Norris
18th June 2012 - Meeting 1740
Meeting and Dinner
At the Heathfield High School 
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel
11th June 2012 - No meeting
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
4th June  2012 - Meeting 1739
Speaker:  Mr. John Garrett
Subject:  Roving Lifestyles
Chairman:  Secretary Ian Cogdell
28th May 2012 - Meeting 1738
Speaker:  Mr. Robert Cole
Subject:   Epilepsy
Chairman:  Rotarian Iain Patrick
21st May 2012 - Meeting 1737
Speaker:  Mr. Robert Medhurst 
Subject:  Naturopathy
Chairman:  Past President Owen Bevan
14th May 2012 - Meeting 1736
Mental Health Hat Day - Please wear a hat
Speaker - Cate Huoen
Subject - Undiagnosis
Chairman: Past President Dick Wilson
7th May 2012 - Meeting 1735
New member introduction:  Michael Christou
Speaker:  Mr. Bruce Macky
Subject:  Sailing around the World
Chairman:  Rotarian Dennis Liddle
30th April 2012 - Meeting 1734
Speaker:  Mr. Phil Hoffman
Subject:  Travel
Chairman:  Past President Trevor McGuirk
23rd April 2012 - Meeting 1733
New member introduction:  Monica Aleksander 
Speaker:  Rotarian Bob Koehne
Subject:  The Heysen Trail
Chairman:  Secretary Ian Cogdell
16th April 2012 - Meeting 1732
At the CARA Camp
Arbury Park, Bridgewater
Chairman:  President Grant Andrew
9th April 2012 - No meeting
Easter Monday Public Holiday
2nd April 2012 - Meeting 1731
Speaker:  Nicola Samson
Subject:  The Lost Trail of Heritage in the Adelaide Hills
Chairman:  Director Susanne Marie
26th March 2012 - Meeting 1730
Vocational Visit and Dinner at:  The Grind Hendon
Unit 4, 61-65 Tapleys Hill Road, Hendon
Chairman:  Director Mike Steer
NB:  No activity at the Stirling Hotel
19th March 2012 - Meeting 1729
Speaker:  Peter Bleby - Chairman, Summerhill
Subject:  Community Care Services
Chairman:  Rotarian Rod Cooper
12th March 2012 - No meeting
Adelaide Cup Day Public Holiday
5th March 2012 - Meeting 1728
Speaker:  Professor Merv Lewis
Subject: Post Crisis World - China
Chairman: Past President Colin Fraser
27th February 2012 - Meeting 1727
Speaker: Managing Director Robert Chalmers
Subject: Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd
Chairman: Past President Colin Fraser
20th February 2012 - Meeting 1726
Speaker:  Alex Westin
Subject:  National Youth Science Forum Experience
Chairman: Rotarian Mike Steer
13th February 2012 - No meeting
Friday 10th February 2012 - Meeting 1725
Social BBQ Meeting
At the home of President Grant and Lea Andrew
NB:  This meeting was in lieu of 13th February
6th February 2012 - Meeting 1724
Speaker - Dr. Lloyd Evans
Subject - Stirling Community Shop
Chairman - Director Susanne Marie
30th January 2012 - Meeting 1723
Speaker - Dr. Tony Stimson
Subject - Community action in Africa for children with disabilities
Chairman - Rotarian Bob Koehne
23rd January 2012 - Meeting 1722
Speaker - Ed Peter
Subject - World Food Supply
Chairman - Past President Colin Fraser
16th January 2012 - Meeting 1721
Speaker - Past President Owen Bevan
Subject - Days that shook South Australia #2
Chairman - Past President John Norris
9th January 2012 - Meeting 1720
Club Guest  -  Hugo Martin
Our Rotary Exchange Student heading for Belgium
2nd January 2012      - No meeting
New Year's Day Public Holiday
26th December 2011 - No meeting
Boxing Day Public Holiday
19th December 2011 - Meeting 1719
Members' Christmas function
At the Woodhouse Scout Centre
Chairman - Honorary Rotarian Santa Claus
Partners invited
12th December 2011 - Meeting 1718
Speaker - Stephanie Shepheard
Subject - Motor Neurone Disease
Chairman - Past President Dick Wilson
5th December 2011 - Meeting 1717
Annual General Meeting
Club Forum
Chairman - President Grant Andrew PHF
28th November 2011 - Meeting 1716
Speaker - Fred Dobbin
Subject - Whatever it is it will be funny
Chairman - Rotarian Susanne Marie
21st November 2011 - Meeting 1715
Foundation Dinner with Rotary Clubs of Mt. Barker, Blakiston and Onkaparinga
Chairman - President Grant Andrew PHF
Partners are welcome to attend
14th November 2011 - Meeting 1714
Guest Speaker - Rotarian Mark Higgins
Subject - "This Time it's Different"
Chairman - Rotarian Bob Koehne
7th November 2011 - Meeting 1713
Guest Speaker - Michelle Hocking
Subject – “It's Show Time
Chairman - Past President Colin Fraser
31st October 2011 - Meeting 1712
Guest Speaker - David Holbourn
Subject - From my seat in the Sky
Chairman: Past President Dick Wilson
24th October 2011 - Meeting 1711
Speaker - Rotarian Dennis Liddle
Subject - The Cusco Experience
Chairman - Rotarian Ron Malcolm
17th October 2011 - Meeting 1710
District Governor Bruce Richard Visit
Chairman: President Grant Andrew
10th October 2011 - Meeting 1709
Guest Speaker - Dr. Tony Zyweck
Subject - Precision Targeting - How modern warfare works
Chairman: Rotarian Alan O'Donnell