The Science Experience

The Science Experience (formerly known as Siemens Science Program) is a three day science program for year 9 students in the Christmas holidays before they commence year 10. Each South Australian University participates and provides hands on science and engineering experience for the participants to encourage them to undertake a science focussed course at school leading to studying science/engineering at University.

The programme is non selective and any year 9 student is welcome to attend.  Although rarely necessary, enquiries may be made with the relevant science teacher to check on suitability and whether the applicant would benefit from the programme. There is no limit on the number of students who may be endorsed or sponsored. As several of the programmes fill very early, prompt submission of applications is recommended.

Rotary Clubs and individuals can play very active roles including promoting the programme in schools, the endorsement and sponsorship of students (the enrolment fee is $110) and participation in local programmes.

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