TFA Solar

Peter and Isabelle Harwood have lived on a remote area solar power system (no mains grid supply) from 1995 until 2012.  They started very small and over the years increased the capability of their system.  Ever since then the passion for this renewable energy source has grown and they started to install systems for other people.  In 2000 Peter gained his accreditation for Installation of Remote Area Power Supplies and Design/Supervise of Grid Connect Systems from the CEC (Clean Energy Council).  Peter is the holder of a builders licence since 2001, which includes the installation of solar power systems – a requirement introduced not too long ago.

The solar industry, reliant until recently on Government subsidies, has been a difficult one to be in - cycling from boom years to quiet years.  To ensure stability in this very variable market Peter & Isabelle diversified and started Timber Frames of Australia in 2001 – a company dedicated to detailed craftsmanship of heavy timbers – to supply a high quality product to a niche market.

As in the Timber Frame workshop, a driving force for solar power installations is exceptional quality and customer service.  Every effort is made to ensure that the best outcome for the finances invested is offered.  It has been confirmed over the years that the quality of the equipment used and the quality of the installation is vital for the ongoing effectiveness of a PV solar power system.  When servicing solar power systems installed by other installers the impact poor choices of materials and design can have on the production and longevity of a solar power system quickly become apparent.