Red Cacao Chocolatier

The Rotary Club of Stirling is delighted to announce that RED CACAO CHOCOLATIER is the Club’s first FRIEND OF ROTARY. 

RED CACAO, Shop 3, Mt. Barker Road, Stirling, was established in July, 2013, by the young chocolatier Marcus Booth-Remmers. It has quickly established an outstanding reputation for the quality of its products, its excellent service and its marvellous atmosphere and presentation, all of which transports one to the elegant chocolate salons of Europe.
Marcus’ passion for chocolate started years ago when he worked, as a patisserie chef, in the kitchens of some of South Australia's top restaurants. Following his passion for fine chocolate, Marcus travelled to Europe to learn from the experts. After several years working and studying there he returned to Australia, bringing all his technical skills and knowledge to bear in the founding of the now-iconic RED CACAO café in Stirling.

RED CACAO café offers superb coffee and chocolate beverages – the Mocha, a luxuriant mixture of the two, is simply to die for, as are the pastries, cakes and desserts. It is an educational experience too as one’s order is always accompanied by a tasting morsel of one of Marcus’ newest creations.
RED CACAO chocolates are handmade on site by Marcus, who uses only the finest ingredients in his creations.
The word Couverture defines high quality chocolate that contains the natural fats of the cocoa bean (cocoa butter) and not any cheap substitutes. This results in a smoother, creamer and healthier product. All RED CACAO chocolates are made using Couverture.