National Youth Science Forum

The National Youth Science Forum is a Rotary sponsored and organized program that extends for two, two-week sessions and is aimed at students who have just completed year 11. Over the duration of the Forum, students are expected to live-in at the University of Canberra where all facilities are provided. The travel to and from Canberra is included in the cost and all activities are fully supervised by student staff and resident Rotary counsellors.

The program is packed with interesting things to see, do and learn, leaving minimal time for outside activities except meeting other students within the Forum. As both an aid to selecting a career and to familiarize students with work that they may one day undertake, the program includes 8 half-day visits to science, technology and engineering establishments in and around Canberra.

In open and friendly Forum debates students are encouraged to discuss topics of scientific interest. The greatest asset to students attending the Forum is to be able to meet other students from around Australia who have similar aims, abilities, qualities and interests. This will provide an important essence for peer support groups at University.

Students are given an insight into university life through seminars conducted by students who have already commenced their studies and led in forums by those from the NYSF who have completed their undergraduate courses and are now in industry or research.

An overall picture of university scholarships is presented to all students with a general approach on how to achieve such scholarships. But the most important aspect coming from the Forum is a network of friends, colleagues and support groups throughout Australia, which will be of value to participants for the rest of their lives.

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