Strategic Plan

The 2011-12 Rotary International President, Ray Klinginsmith said in a monthly message:
When I first joined Rotary in 1961, I often heard Rotary leaders say “Keep Rotary Simple.” In fact, that phrase was part of the RI theme in 1956-57!   However, as Rotary has grown in both the number of members and the number of programs during the last 50 years, simplicity has become more difficult.

The revised RI Strategic Plan for 2010-13 was a refreshingly simple approach to keeping Rotary strong and vibrant in the future. The three priorities of the plan were clear and brief statements calling Rotarians to (1) support and strengthen our clubs, (2) focus and increase our humanitarian service, and (3) enhance our public image and awareness.

Note the interdependence of the three priorities. We recognised for many years that Rotary cannot provide exemplary service projects without strong clubs and that clubs cannot recruit and retain high-quality members without significant service projects. The third priority recognises that in the modern world, Rotary needs the support of our communities, of partner organisations, and sometimes of governments, to conduct larger service projects, which in turn build stronger clubs.

The Club’s Strategic Plan for 2010-12 can be viewed by clicking on the link below: Plan 2011-12.pdf

Strategic Plan for 2015  -  click on this Link:           Strategic Plan 2015

3 Year Plan as at July 2015  -  click this Link:         3 Year Plan as at July 2015